Clippers Want Allen Iverson, Too

by July 14, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

When the offseason began, it looked as thought no one wanted the services of one Allen Iverson. But all of that seems to have changed of late, as the number of teams fighting to acquire the former MVP has now reached four.

According to the LA Times, the Los Angeles Clippers are the latest squad to throw their hat into the A.I. lottery. And they’re reportedly “very serious” about this:

Talks between the Clippers and the free-agent guard have been characterized as “very serious,” according a source close to Iverson who was not authorized to speak publicly about the negotiations.

The Clippers declined to comment. They have long been intrigued by Iverson, having come close to acquiring him in the past. The process has moved far enough along that they have spoken to Camby about Iverson since they were close as teammates in Denver. Baron Davis is said to be on board with adding Iverson.

With Miami apparently unwilling to offer more than $2 million next season, the 34-year old A.I. has his eye on the Clippers’ mid-level exception. How he would fit in on the Clips – or if he’d even be willing to come off their bench – is anyone’s guess.

Incidentally, Blake Griffin dominated in his quasi-NBA debut (27 points on 11-15 shooting). Call me skeptical, but one can’t help but get the feeling that should the Iverson deal come to fruition, Blake won’t see many stat lines like the one last night too many times during his rookie season.