Coach Dennis?

by Marcel Mutoni

Until the NBA does the smart thing, and puts him in the Hall of Fame, Dennis Rodman is apparently going to do his best to keep his name in the news. No, he’s not cross-dressing, dating a trashy celeb, or promoting another poorly written book. Instead, Dennis the Menace wants to coach a WNBA team. From the AJC:

“I love the city of Atlanta,” Rodman said through a spokesman, adding that he’s spent a lot of time here recently. “… Atlanta would be the ideal situation, starting from scratch.”

Party pooper Ron Terwilliger, also known as the owner of Atlanta’s new WNBA franchise, isn’t exactly enthused about the idea.

“We need someone who knows the league, knows how it works, knows the players and knows the college talent coming up,” Terwilliger said. “And we’d prefer to have a women’s coach since it’s a women’s league.”

Um, mr. Terwilliger, have you ever seen Dennis in drag? Hell, I’ll bet he could pass for a woman better than some of the players in your League … uh, never mind.