College Ballers Might Get Less Time to Make NBA Decision

by January 15, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

Less time, as in ten days.

As things currently stand, non-seniors have about a two-month window after they’ve declared themselves eligible for the NBA Draft to make a decision about whether or not to return to school. If the ACC have their way, though, that window will become considerably shorter.

From the Washington Post:

Underclassmen currently have until late April to enter their names in the draft, and until mid-June to pull out and retain their collegiate eligibility so long as they have not signed with an agent. The ACC’s proposal would give players about a 10-day window after the Final Four in April to make a final decision on the draft.

“If you give somebody forever to make a decision, they are going to take forever,” North Carolina Coach Roy Williams said. “It leaves your program in limbo. It leaves your current players in limbo.”

Of course, the over-arching idea here is to decrease the number of underclassmen who declare for the Draft, something that’d make the folks who run college hoops very happy. And if this gets green-lighted, it will certainly have an impact on the way NBA teams go about evaluating talent – with fewer opportunities to work guys out – from the college ranks.

The NCAA Legislative Council is scheduled to vote on the proposal this week.