Collin Sexton Under Impression He’s Part Of Cleveland’s Long-Term Plans

After yet another disappointing season, the Cleveland Cavaliers have a huge decision to make regarding the future of Collin Sexton. They’ll have to decide whether they want to sign him to a massive long-term deal to play alongside fellow lottery pick Darius Garland, or shop Sexton and create a new guard duo going forward. 

While the future of Sexton has been a hot topic of conversation around the league recently with the idea that he could be traded, he believes his future still lies in Cleveland. 

According to Chris Fedor of, sources close to Sexton “have the impression” that he “is part of the long-term plans” of the Cavaliers.

Theoretically, the Cavaliers don’t have to make the Sexton decision immediately and could wait until he enters restricted free agency in 2022. 

Last season, the former No. 8 overall pick averaged 24.3 points, 4.4 assists and 3.1 rebounds per contest.