Complaints Filed With FCC About LeBron James Cussing During Parade Speech

by July 08, 2016

A couple of killjoys tuned in for the Cleveland Cavaliers’ championship parade and after hearing LeBron James drop a few inappropriate words, they filed complaints with the Federal Communications Commission.

No, seriously.

James gave props to each of his teammates during a heartfelt, 15-minute speech.

Per the NEOMG:

James was speaking candidly about his teammates when he dropped the a-word, the s-word and several variations of the f-word. The speech surprised some viewers and elicited laughter from his teammates and some of the estimated crowd of about 1 million people.


The Louisville viewer wrote to the FCC and said: “The station allowed Lebron James to repeatedly use profanity on live TV… Thousands and thousands of families were watching the broadcast. Countless children listened to him talk like a drunken sailor. This is completely irresponsible of the network to allow this kind of language on live TV!”


The Cuyahoga Falls viewer wrote: “I’m very proud of the Cavaliers winning the finals. Happy, fun day in Cleveland OH! But then Lebron got up to speak at the televised rally, and the whole speech reeked of profanity. On live tv – many channels, on live radio broadcasts, in front of a live 1 .3 million audience of fans, including many children. Was so uncalled for!!”