Contest: Favorite NBA Childhood Moment?

by May 06, 2011

A great day of contests on the site. Our friends over at Swag Sports Apparel are looking to giveaway some free, limited edition t-shirts. All you have to do is open your favorite childhood NBA memory and tell us how it shaped you, posting a description in the comments section. It can be anything from an individual performance to team greatness and anything in between. We’ll filter through the comments and select 10 winners, giving away two of each of the following: The Black Kobe Motivation shirt, the White Kobe Motivation shirt, and the Miami Super Friends shirt. We will also give away four of the Mamba Blood shirts.

Swag Sports is dedicated to harnessing the creative energy of fans across the country to produce the best sports apparel anywhere. Some of the best stuff is sold out of duffel bags in front of stadiums, at arenas, and on campuses. Only 150 of each design has been printed, but we got you covered. For more info, check out Swag Sports on Facebook, Twitter, and their Tumblr.