Contest with unexpected prize: BEOWULF IMAX tickets!

By Sam Rubenstein

It’s contest time! Now, usually we give away t-shirts, hats, sneakers, DVDs, assorted contraband like that. I was recently contacted by someone who presented us with the chance to give away a very different prize, and give away I shall.

This Thursday the Mavs play the Spurs. It’s the battle for Western Conference supremacy, as these are the only two teams from the West other than the Lakers that have been to the Finals in the 21st century. Okay, so it’s been the Spurs 4 times and the Mavs once, this is only a November regular season game, and the Mavs didn’t even win the title. Still, the recent trend has been one of those two gets to the Finals out of the West. Therefore this Thursday night could be a Western Conference Finals preview, and as such, a big name needs a big prize.

On Friday, Beowulf hits theaters. Not just theaters, but IMAX 3D theaters, and if you’ve seen the ads, you know that this movie is using some next generation effects that we’ve never seen before. I will spare you from my Beowulf as the NBA allegory, but like all archetypal stories of conquest, the NBA borrows a lot from epic poetry. I have 4 sets of tickets to give away, which can be redeemed online. Here is the contest:

Using your commenting powers, guess the final scores and FG% of each team in Spurs-Mavs. Whoever comes closest to the Spurs point total wins one pair, whoever comes closest to the Mavs total wins another. The tiebreaker is FG%. The double tiebreaker is whoever says it first. Then, guess a player of the game (keep it all together in one comment please) and give me his predicted points-rebounds-assists. I will pick a player of the game from each side and whoever comes closest to those numbers for a player on each side wins a pair of tickets each. Since it will all be on the record right here on this page, I can’t cheat and keep all of the tickets for myself.

Consult this list to find your local IMAX theatre.

You can see a trailer here.

And the movie homepage.

Friday morning I’ll let you all know who the winners are and how the tickets can be redeemed. All I have to do is send you an email with a link to the ticket page and the special code you need to claim them. Now, your guesses for Thursday night’s big game. Good luck.