Could the Bucks Soon Be Done in Milwaukee?

by Marcel Mutoni

Way to go, Michael Redd. Thanks to your devastating knee injury, the Bucks might not be long for Milwaukee. At least, that’s what some in the local press are screaming.

Like this guy, Garry D. Howard, of the Journal Sentinel:

He may not know it now, but that something different will be the way he plays the game of basketball – which forever will be changed; just ask Ron Harper – along with the fast-fading prospect that the Bucks will remain in the city of Milwaukee and the Bradley Center, an NBA arena that has long been past its prime.

Well, with the Bradley Center being close to the worst arena in the NBA as far as profitability is concerned and the economic landscape being what it is today, how much longer can Sen. Kohl keep up the charade that this city can afford an NBA team? Without Kohl’s certifiable love of the NBA and his look-the-other-way attitude about losing millions, my fear is that the NBA would be gone as fast as the Hornets flew out of Charlotte, the Grizzlies jumped ship on Vancouver and the Sonics dipped on Seattle.

As if it wasn’t depressing enough being a Bucks supporter.

Everyone’s in agreement that – financially speaking – Milwaukee is in desperate need to make the postseason. They’re clinging to the final Playoff spot in the Eastern Conference right now, but with Redd currently out for the season, the task has now become immeasurably more difficult.