Damian Lillard: ‘Blazers in 6’

by April 13, 2017

Damian Lillard says Portland is looking to “shock the world” in their first round Playoff matchup against the mighty Golden State Warriors.

Lillard even has a bold prediction: “Blazers in 6.”

This battle begins Sunday.

Per The Oregonian:

“We’re not going into the playoffs saying, ‘Hey we made it, let’s bow out gracefully and be happy with what we did,'” Damian Lillard said. “We’re going in there to take a swing. We’re coming in there to try and shock the world.”


The Blazers will no doubt be heavy underdogs against the Warriors (67-15), who own the game’s best record and are the first team in NBA history to win at least 65 games in three consecutive seasons. They boast the NBA’s best offense, the second-best defense, and feature the unique combination of being both battle-tested and hungry, a result of last season’s collapse in the NBA Finals.


“We have nothing to lose,” Lillard said. “I’m sure people are expecting the worst. They’re expecting us to go in there and get beat up on and that’s the end of it. If that does happen, people will say, ‘Man, the Warriors did this and this is what they always do.’ But if we go in there and we swing first and we show that we’re here to win and not just showing up to say we made the playoffs, then that’s when it’ll get interesting.”