Damian Lillard Drops New Rap Song Called ‘No Worries’

by September 06, 2017
damian lillard dame dolla no worries

Blazers star Damian Lillard has been working long hours on his second album this summer.

As we await its release, Dame DOLLA (Different on Levels the Lord Allows) is back with another rap entitled “No Worries” with cousins Danny and Duece.

Give it a listen and check out Lillard’s lyrics below (starting at 1:50):

Once upon a time, my name ain’t come up in discussions
These days, everybody claiming I’m they cousin
Some be talkin’ slick, stories by the dozen
Crazy how often it be the ones that I be lovin’
I be in denial, won’t admit it, but forget it
Who I’m kiddin’
A ribbon representin’
I’m the guy that they resentin’
In position, what commitment
Exposing all the forbidden
They usually throw shots and come and get resistance
I patrol the grape vine
They know a couple states mine
Barely be the prince, and I ain’t Will Smith or Tayshaun
Find me unbothered out in Napa trying to taste wine
Probably mad at me because they wife is trying to FaceTime
Don’t judge me though
I got a life to live
Not the kind of guy they got to cover for
I like to trip
Always take her back like a sucker though
Trying to right this ship
Built like that, a lot of muscle bro
On some Tyson sh—

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