Damian Lillard Says D’Angelo Russell ‘Poked the Bear’

A slight bump from D’Angelo Russell in Tuesday night’s Blazers-Lakers tilt enraged Damian Lillard, and motivated the star guard in an otherwise miserable performance.

Lillard helpled lead Portland to a 108-87 win at Staples Center, and says that Russell unwisely “poked the bear.”

The All-Star guard finished with 20 points on 21 shots (Russell contributed 9 points with 8 rebounds and 6 assists for Los Angeles.)

Per the OC Register:

“After he blocked my shot,” Lillard said, “I was walking to my spot and I felt like he went out of his way to get that elbow in there. I told him that ain’t gonna fly. And I wasn’t interested in anything else that was said after that.”


Then, Lillard suggested the two could settle their score elsewhere. […] “We ain’t going to do it on the court,” he said, “so we’ll be in the back and whatever happens happens.”


“He poked the bear,” Lillard said, “and you (saw) what happened the rest of the game.”