Damian Lillard Wants To Win A Championship ‘The Hard Way’

by April 06, 2018
damian lillard championship hard way

Damian Lillard says he’d rather stay with the Blazers and pursue a championship “the hard way” than join star players on another team.

In a story by Sports Illustrated‘s Lee Jenkins, Lillard said he’s going to “live and die” with the Blazers.

“I would like to win a championship as bad as anybody, but because of who I am, I’d get a lot more satisfaction if I got it the hard way,” Lillard says.

“If I can’t figure it out here and I never win one, I can live with the effort I put into it. I can live with it maybe not happening for me.

“I’m going to roll with this team regardless of what people may feel about our chances. I’m going to live and die with this.”

Damian Lillard: ‘I’m Not Joining Nobody’ To Pursue a Championship