Damon Jones Does Not Lack Confidence

by Marcel Mutoni

The Cavs, rghtfully so, are known as LeBron James’s team. They can only go as far as he takes them. Take the much-hyped Pistons game from a couple of nights ago, for example: What was a relatively close game going into halftime turned into a humiliating blowout as soon as LeBron went down with a finger injury.

With LeBron’s status uncertain for tonight’s game against the Raptors (and perhaps a little while longer), some of his teammates seem to be insulted by the suggestion that they can’t compete without their superstar. OK, fine, it’s just Damon Jones:

Some Cavs, however, resent the implication they cannot win without James.

”At the end of the day, we have other guys that can play,” Damon Jones said. ”Regardless if anybody gives us credit for what we do. We’ve shown in the past when he’s missed a game we can be formidable.”

Formidable? Seriously? Wow.

Damon, how about you take a moment and just stop talking for a while, champ?