D’Angelo Russell ‘Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable’ Amid Trade Talk

by February 04, 2020

D’Angelo Russell insists he’s completely unbothered by mushrooming rumors ahead of Thursday’s NBA trade deadline.

“I’m so comfortable with being uncomfortable nowadays,” says D’Angelo, who has been linked to a potential multi-team swap.

Russell, 23, has grown accustomed to the rumor mill, and is ready for battle with whatever team he ends up on.

Per The Athletic:

“When I got drafted, I was in a rumor,” Russell said. “I’ve been through it all. Not gonna lie to you. Any rumor you can think of, I’ve been a part of it. I’ve seen it (the last couple of days). I can’t get away from it. You go on social, you see it. You go on TV, you hear it. You talk to the media, they ask you about it. Ain’t no getting away from it. But it is what it is.”

When he took the max from the Warriors this summer — knowing they already employed Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, two max guards and franchise pillars — he signed up for the label of trade chip.

“It bothered me when we were further away from (the deadline),” Russell said. “But when we’re closer to it really happening, I’m numb to it. I’m just expecting a phone call. Let me know.”

Will the days and hours before be anxious ones?

“I’m ready for war,” Russell said. “Let’s get it. I’m ready for it. I don’t have no feelings toward it. I’m just ready for whatever happens.”

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