D’Angelo Russell: Playing for Warriors a ‘Huge Opportunity’

by July 09, 2019

D’Angelo Russell is “excited” to join the Warriors, even if he realizes that he may not be in a Golden State uniform for very long.

Russell, 23, knows the Dubs may end up moving on after acquiring him from the Brooklyn Nets as part of the Kevin Durant sign-and-trade.

Despite what naysayers claim, D-Lo believes the Warriors’ system complements his game, and predicts he’ll create a “dangerous combo” with new teammate Stephen Curry.

Per The San Fran Chronicle and ESPN:

“I think (the Warriors’ system) complements my game,” Russell said. “I’m a guy that loves to pass, loves to make plays and create. I think this is a prime example of the system being that and having the advantage of guys that can shoot.”

If a chaotic NBA free-agency period has taught him anything, it’s that circumstances can change fast.

“You put yourself in a position to go somewhere for a long period of time,” Russell said. “That might not be the way it is, and that’s the business. Whatever situation I’m in, I understand the business side of it.”

Russell said [Klay] Thompson’s injury had no bearing on his decision to land with the Warriors. Like many around the league, Russell was intrigued by the opportunity to play with Curry, on top of being able to sign for max money.

“Honestly, I’m excited,” Russell said.

“I’m excited more than anything. I think it’s a huge opportunity just to take another step and learn from a good group of guys that have done — and marked their way in this league, so I’m super excited. You got guys that can shoot, dribble and play make for others. That’s a dangerous combo. And then a guy like him that gets hot anytime throughout the game, it’s something that gives you an advantage throughout a game, I would say. So to add another guy that could possibly do that consistently — I think it’s just an extra piece.”

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