Danilo Gallinari: ‘New York/New Jersey or Nothing’

by Marcel Mutoni

Kids these days, I’m telling you…

The 19-year old Italian forward, reportedley coveted by the Knicks, says he likes New York and New Jersey as possible cities to begin his NBA career. The other 28 NBA franchises? Eh, not so much.

“I like New Jersey and New York. I like those two places,” the Italian forward said matter-of-factly after his one-hour, one-man workout with the Nets yesterday in East Rutherford. “Now I will work out for New Jersey and New York (today), then I don’t know (about) other teams.”

The reason being? He has all the leverage a teenager needs, in the form of a very lucrative multiyear offer from his team in Milan, so he doesn’t have to play in the NBA at all.

The Knicks! They overpaid for their new coach, and now there’s a possibility that they’ll draft a soft Euro with ego for days.

Admittedly, it will take a long time to get over last night’s crushing Laker loss, but man, am I ever glad that I don’t have a rooting interest in teams like the Hawks and Knicks.