Danny Ainge is insane

by Marcel Mutoni

-Danny Ainge has lost his damn mind. He thinks the Celtics have a shot at winning the East next season.

(Right, because teams that are stacked with guys barely old enough to order a drink, and being led by two just-past-their-primes shooting guards win conference championships all the time. Puff, puff, pass, Danny.)

-Kwame Brown likes girls who like girls. Probably. No way to confirm the veracity of this report, but it says that he was spotted at a gay bar last week. (Insert obligatory “not that there’s anything wrong with that” joke here). (Via: TBL)

-Elton Brand is serious about the movie-making business. He says that he even wrote a screenplay.

-Frank Isola thinks that Nate Robinson playing in the Summer League is a sign that he may not be part of the Knicks’ plans for the future.

-Big Baby claims that a bunch of teams lied to him about their interest in drafting him. He also uses the term “survival of the fittest”, which I found amusing.

-Mateen Cleaves is still alive! Can you believe he’s turning 30 soon? Damn, I feel old. He’s playing in the Summer League for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

“Lot of guys my age won’t play Summer League,” Cleaves said. “Not me. It’s not about ego. I have no ego, nothing. I just want to play basketball. And I still think I can do it here.”

-Big, pressure-filled summer for USA Basketball. Love the pic of LeBron shaking hands with the devil Mike Krzyzewski.