Danny Green: Toronto ‘Gonna Be Hard to Turn Down’ for Kawhi Leonard

by September 12, 2018

The city of Toronto is going to be “hard to turn down” when Kawhi Leonard becomes a free agent next summer, according to Raptors teammate Danny Green.

Green was traded by the San Antonio Spurs along with Leonard during the offseason.

Green says Raptors fans are “amazing.”

Per the Inside the Green Room podcast (via The Score):

“I don’t know where his mind is at for the future. I can’t predict or tell you. I can just tell you that the city of Toronto is gonna be hard to turn down after being there,” Green said on his “Inside the Green Room” podcast. “I’ve been going every summer for the past 10-plus years. It’s a great city and the fans are amazing.

“The last couple weeks, just going up for a couple days here and there and how they’ve shown me so much love. As a Raptor now, I’m so much more well known there and getting a great amount of feedback, a great amount of love and all types of different stuff from the fans. So it’s gonna be tough for him to turn down.”

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