Danny Green ‘Worried’ About Kawhi Leonard’s Free Agency

by July 05, 2019

Kawhi Leonard‘s free agency is causing a wave of anxiety among fans in Los Angeles and Toronto, and his teammates are by no means immune.

Danny Green admits that he’s “worried” since Leonard’s decision will ultimately impact where he ends up this summer.

Green, 32, says he’s leaving Kawhi alone to make up his mind in peace.

Per Sportsnet (via the “Inside the Green Room” podcast):

“I don’t know,” Green said when host Harrison Sanford asked Green about where he was going to end up in free agency. “A lot weighs on Kawhi’s decision, still trying to figure that out, see what he’s leaning towards. Still trying to find out, figure it out and also see what the options are.”

The Raptors and Lakers are tied to Leonard’s decision, but the Mavericks want Green as a veteran leader on an emerging young team and won’t wait forever, according to Green. The possibility exists that he could end up the odd-man out in a high stakes game of musical chairs.

“Yes. I’m worried also,” Green said when asked if he was concerned about losing out by waiting. All those things come across the board — if I miss out on opportunities, if I get the short end of the stick, which would suck.

“I’m hoping he makes his decision soon … so that these other teams don’t have to wait, I don’t have to wait, I can make a decision. We’ll see how long these teams will wait, I don’t think more than another day or so.”

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