Darius Miles’s Days as a Blazer are Over

by April 15, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

In reality, Darius Miles’s entire basketball playing career – one that was filled with so much promise when he burst on the scene as a preps-to-pro athletic freak with a wildly entertaining Clippers team – is likely over.

Not having played a single minute since the 2006 season, a medical examiner has ruled that Darius’s knee injury is a career-ending one.

“Given the serious nature of his knee injury, we agree with the doctor’s conclusion that Darius has sustained a career-ending injury,” Pritchard said. “This allows Darius and the Trail Blazers to move forward and achieve closure to this matter. To his credit, Darius worked hard to come back, but his body just didn’t allow it to happen.”

I can honestly say that, expect for the one time I stumbled upon the perfectly awful The Perfect Score on cable, Darius Miles’s name has not crossed my mind at all this year. Or the year before that. I suspect that many of you reading this feel the same way.

His career – for all intents and purposes – had been over for a while, the announcement just took a little bit longer to come.