Darko Milicic on Pau Gasol’s “Softness”

by July 19, 2007

by Marcel Mutoni

-Darko Milicic, despite a published report claiming the opposite, says that Pau Gasol isn’t soft at all. He’s all man, baby.

“I never said that Pau Gasol was soft. I never said it. They made it up. I mean, I’ve said a lot of things to newspapers that I shouldn’t say before — I know I did that — but I didn’t say this. I just talked to Pau 10 minutes ago and said, it’s not true.”

(Matt Watson at FanHouse was kind enough to transcribe the video. By the way, Darko, could you find a tighter-fitting shirt?)

-Earlier today, we touched on LeBron’s upcoming gig as the host of SNL. To be honest, I don’t think it’s going be all that good, mostly due to the fact that the show now completely sucks. Remember when it used to be good, like when Michael Jordan hosted? Aaaah, good times. Hey, nice shoes, Mike.

-In a brilliant marketing move, the Chicago Bulls are scaring their fans into buying season tickets. I wonder if Dick Cheney is a consultant of theirs.

-Louis Amundson should be taken seriously, says the Philly Inquirer. I will not take Mr. Amundson seriously, in fact, I’m going to finish this delicious bagel and then completely forget about him.

-Greg Oden wants to go home with his mommy.

Hopefully they let me go home with my mom because they usually want you to stay for 2 weeks, but im doing good and its gonna suck being out here by myself in a hotel room all day.

Free Mike Vick (or Ookie if you prefer)!!! Too soon?