David Stern Isn’t Very Happy With Arthur and Chalmers

by September 05, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

According to ESPN, Darrell Arthur and Mario Chalmers, the two young gentlemen who were sent home from the Rookie Transition Program for allegedly having women in their hotel rooms and smoking up, have caught the wrath of one David J. Stern.

Apparently, the commish didn’t take too kindly to the two former Jayhawks’ extra-curricular activities, and personally made the call to have the two booted from the program (and, hilariously, might have them attend next year’s session!)

Several sources described Stern as being furious.

The commissioner’s anger was apparently evident when he began his speech; he mentioned Chalmers and Arthur by name and told the 67 rookies in attendance that the two would be thrown out of the program and forced to attend the 2009 session.

Sources said Chalmers and Arthur have already been fined $20,000.

Man, talk about a crappy way to kick off your career. Something tells me that those two aren’t going to be touching the sticky icky for a long time; certainly not at the 2009 version of the Rookie Transition Program.