David Stern Says Former NBA Stars Playing in China is a ‘Great Idea’

With Tracy McGrady being the latest player to go from the NBA to the CBA, commissioner David Stern appears to be a big fan of the move (likely because it helps promote his League’s brand in the highly lucrative Chinese marketplace). From Reuters: “Two-times NBA scoring champion Tracy McGrady’s decision to extend his career in China gives the league its most successful player to date and has earned widespread praise. ‘I think it is a great idea,’ NBA commissioner David Stern told the China Daily. ‘The CBA has become a place where players can extend their careers, and that’s a wonderful thing.’ The Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) has seen several former NBA players join in recent seasons, with former New York Knicks guard Stephon Marbury its greatest success story. The 35-year-old Marbury, who also had spells in Boston and Phoenix, led the Beijing Ducks to the CBA title earlier this year. […] McGrady will reportedly become the highest-paid player in the CBA and his coach has already targeted the playoffs. But health and motivation will be factors for the 33-year-old, coming off a career-low season averaging 5.3 points in just 16 minutes with the Atlanta Hawks. ‘The CBA isn’t as easy as people think,’ warned Marbury. ‘I don’t know what he will be capable of doing until he plays.’ Stern said former NBA players were attracted by the CBA’s increased competitiveness, also sounding a note of caution for fans not to expect too much of McGrady too soon.”