David Stern Wants to Change Rules on Flops, Flagrants and Olympics

We’ve known for quite some time now that NBA Commissioner David Stern is pushing for certain rule changes. Stern crystallized what he’s looking for last night, in a chat with reporters. Per the AP: “David Stern wants to take a closer look at flopping and referees to be able to take a second look at all flagrant fouls. And the NBA commissioner isn’t sure he wants to see his veteran players in the Olympics anymore. Stern and Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver said Wednesday the league is committed to sending top players to the Olympics only through London, and then wants to look into saving them just for the world basketball championship and having the Olympics reserved for those 23 and under, as soccer does. That discussion will happen later with FIBA, basketball’s world governing body. First, Stern has some changes he wants to talk over with the recently changed Competition Committee. He has previously urged a crackdown on flopping, the art of players falling down to make officials believe they were fouled. He called for a ‘not instant, but thorough review.’ […] ‘I think we are going to approach something that many tell me is impossible, which is deciding whether someone was acting or was actually, and thereby tending, intending to trick the fans, and the referees; or, whether there was a legitimate reason for that particular person to go sprawling,’ Stern said. ‘And then the question is, what to do in that case, and that’s the kind of discussion that I look forward to having with the committee.'”