DeAndre Jordan: ‘People Think You’re 30 and Think You’re Old’

by March 08, 2019

DeAndre Jordan is 30, and that’s nowhere near “old” according to the veteran big man.

Jordan is annoyed by the suggestion he’s getting up there in age, and that his athleticism may be waning.

DeAndre landed in New York as part of the blockbuster Kristaps Porzingis trade, and wants to “win as many games as possible” for the tanking Knicks.

Per The NY Post:

“I didn’t look old?,’’ Jordan said sarcastically. “I feel great. Being out there, I know how to play the game and know my spots. Just get rebounds, block shots, defend. Anything I get offensively, just finish it. I felt good out there tonight.’’

With 17 games left, his finish will raise questions about Jordan’s future and his market value this summer. When asked how important it is for him to finish strong, Jordan wouldn’t talk personal numbers.

“People think you’re 30 and think you’re old,’’ Jordan said Wednesday. “I hate that. When I do something athletic, they’re like, ‘Oh my god, he’s so athletic and especially because he’s so old.’ I’ll take that.”

Does he have a few more solid seasons left? “What do you think?’’ the quirky Jordan asked a reporter. “Last season [with the Clippers], we didn’t really have a good season, the year before that I was an All-NBA player. Before that, I was an All-Star. The year before that I was first-team All-Defense and All-NBA. It’s not that I’m old.’’