DeMarcus Cousins: ‘I Don’t Want To Be Boogie’

by April 12, 2019

DeMarcus Cousins is ready to shed the ‘Boogie’ label, which was originally bestowed upon him by Kentucky assistant coach Rod Strickland. Ever since then, the nickname has stuck on in the NBA.

“It’s just like, Jesus Christ! It’s so much extra put on with ‘Boogie.’ I don’t want to be Boogie, I just wanna be DeMarcus,” Cousins told The Undefeated’s Lonnae O’Neal.

In the piece, Cousins clarified that he’s not thinking about his looming unrestricted free agency this summer, or his first potential championship. For now, he’s simply reflecting on how far he’s made it in his career.

“I want my family and myself to be comfortable wherever I am at the time, and just be able to relax and kind of let my hair down. I’m going to be judged. My life is in a fishbowl. They gonna love you and they gonna hate you. I’m being the best me every day.”

Amen to that Boog-… I mean, DeMarcus.

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