DeMarcus Cousins Regrets Not Leaving Sacramento Sooner

DeMarcus Cousins feels like a “fool” for trying to stick it out in Sacramento for as long as he did.

Boogie’s people urged him to find a way out sooner, but the big fella felt a need to be loyal to the dysfunctional Kings.


“My biggest regret is … why didn’t I leave when I had the chance?,” Cousins said.


“I had the chance, but I fought it. I wanted to give it a chance. My representatives, they told me I shouldn’t stay. You know, being … guess you can say stubborn and ‘loyal,’ I wanted to make things work.”

The New Orleans Pelicans’ center now wishes he had fled Sac-Town prior to former head coach George Karl’s arrival:

“All last year, I felt like that’s all it was about. I got traded, and ‘he hates Sacramento,’ and that kind of fed into it. At the end of the day, it’s a business. I kind of blame myself for even putting myself at that point. You knew coming in this was a business. How are you gonna be loyal to someone that ain’t loyal to any player that’s ever played this game? I was a fool.”

DeMarcus Cousins Tearfully Says Goodbye to Sacramento