Derek Fisher Fires Back at Agents in Letter to NBA Players

by October 04, 2011

by Marcel Mutoni@marcel_mutoni

With NBA labor negotiations reaching a do-or-die stage, things are getting tense between all of the parties.

Agents are pushing their clients not to give in to the owners’ demands, David Stern and the men he represents don’t appear ready to back down at all, and Derek Fisher has penned yet another letter.

After the agents wrote to the players, laying out what’s at stake here (and pushing yet again for union decertification), players’ association president Derek Fisher once again addressed his colleagues via letter (his third since the lockout began.)

Fisher fired back at the agents, accusing them of misinforming their clients. The AP has a copy of the missive:

I write to you from New York where we have had the most recent negotiating sessions, the latest one today. I wanted to keep everyone in the loop on the events of the past few days and since my last update. Before I update you though, I must comment on a letter that has been brought to my attention and drafted by a handful of agents representing you. The letter which I personally read this morning is to their players and had planned to release this afternoon/evening. Your agents represent you, there’s a loyalty there and I can appreciate that. I’ll never question it, the work they do for you, or the decisions you and they make together. The letter however includes misinformation and unsupported theories.

As you would imagine, the agents are not aware of my seeing this ahead of its release. As a player myself, I know that each player should read everything we can. My emails, media reports, letters from their representation, to form an opinion on the situation. Educate yourself, ask questions, do it all. But not all of what you read is fact, you know this, I know this. One issue I need to again be very clear on…nothing can be accepted without a vote by the players. If and when there is a proposal that we feel is in the best interests of us as players, each of you WILL have the opportunity to vote in person. It’s in the union bylaws, it’s not up for negotiation. You will have the opportunity to see the full proposal before you agree, you will be able to challenge it, question it, anything you feel appropriate in order to know that this is the best deal for you and your fellow players.

Today’s negotiation session should be full of fireworks. Get your popcorn ready.