Deron Williams Wants New, ‘Top-Tier’ Teammates

by December 28, 2011

by Marcel Mutoni @marcel_mutoni

Deron Williams is at an interesting place in his career. He is in his prime, plays for a terrible team, but one with the potential to be successful if the right moves are made by the front-office.

The key word here, is “if.”

Deron Williams has said that he’d be willing to sign a contract extension next summer and move to Brooklyn with the Nets, but they’re going to have to get him some help (and soon) in order for him to truly buy in.

Williams made this crystal clear following last night’s 36 point-loss at home to the Atlanta Hawks.

The NY Times reports:

The speculation about whether Williams will re-sign with the Nets after the season and continue to be the face of the franchise in its transition to Brooklyn has been rampant. Unfortunately the team’s flaws were apparent in a 106-70 loss to Atlanta on Tuesday night. At a party for him in SoHo after the game he made it clear that the team needed to improve.

“We need some more pieces,” he said. “There’s no secret about that. There’s not many starters on our team right now. We have a lot of great role players, a lot of guys who know their job, but in this league you need some top-tier guys so you can get the job done.”

The Nets’ interest in acquiring Dwight Howard is the League’s worst-kept secret, but Brook Lopez’s foot injury has thrown a monkey wrench into those plans for the time being.

This final season for the Nets in New Jersey will be fascinating, as they try to build for an increasingly uncertain future.