Derrick Rose at Shootaround

by May 06, 2011

by Tracy Weissenberg

Derrick Rose not only received attention for becoming the youngest MVP in NBA history, but also for the heartfelt and genuine acceptance speech he delivered at the ceremony. Rose, humbled by the support the team receives, paid homage to the legacy created by former Bulls and how their success led to a global fan base. The most touching moment was when Rose gave thanks to his mother and acknowledged the sacrifice inherent in her support. For a player who has delivered so many memorable performances throughout the season, his speech may be at the top of the list.

After shootaround before Game 3 against the Hawks, I asked him how it felt to hear such nice responses to his MVP speech.

Derrick Rose: “It means a lot. I’m happy that I grew in the last couple of years to talking to the media. I remember just coming into the League, I wasn’t able to talk like that. Especially to the media, I didn’t want to talk. Now that I’m comfortable, it makes me feel good.”

Did anyone help with that adjustment?

DR: “Myself, just knowing that comes with the territory and just taking my time.”


On whether his ankle injury limits him:

DR: “Not at all, I’m not worried about that. Just winning this game, that’s the biggest thing.”

Asked if he’d tell the media if it was hurt:

DR: “No.”

On how to play with more pace:

DR: “Rebound the ball. I think if our rebounders just bust out with the ball, I think that could put a lot of pressure on [the Hawks]. Coach say play with pace, so when I get it, I’m gonna try to run every single time.”

On regaining the edge in the series:

DR: “You have to always play with a edge in basketball. Ours is our defense. When we shut people down, that’s when we’re at our best cause we could get easy baskets, guys get going, guys get open shots, especially when we push the ball.”