‘He Deserves it’: James Harden Hopes Carmelo Anthony Gets Another Chance

James Harden just wants to see former teammate Carmelo Anthony back on an NBA floor.

Harden says Melo is not only one of the best players ever, but that he can still help a team.

Anthony, 34, was traded by the Houston Rockets to Chicago, and is expected to be cut loose by the Bulls prior to the Feb. 7 trade deadline.


“I just want to see him hoop, see him happy, and I mean, he deserves it, honestly,” Harden said of Anthony on Tuesday. “Like, he’s put so much time and effort into this game that he should be able to hoop and still have fun playing the game of basketball.”

Harden was asked Tuesday whether he was disappointed with how things ended for Anthony in Houston.

“Yeah, man. Melo is one of the best to ever hoop. He loves the game of basketball,” Harden said. “Some guys just do it just because they’re gifted or they’re athletic or they can shoot the basketball. There’s not that many players that like, love to hoop. … It kind of sucks that it didn’t work out. It is what it is. I just hope he finds somewhere where they can embrace him and he can still hoop. So he [gets to] make that decision that he’s done [playing].”

Harden said that Anthony “for sure” can still help a team.

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