Desmond Mason To The Line…

by Lang Whitaker

Late in last night’s Hawks/Hornets game, Hornets forward Desmond Mason was fouled and went to the free throw line.

The Hawks announcers hushed, and Steve Smith warned everyone at home to watch closely. It’s not every day, after all, that you see a free throw form as ugly as Mason’s. Smitty accurately noted that with Mason’s awkward release, it appeared that Mason had “a charley horse in his chest.”

For his second attempt, Smitty narrated Mason’s release by making a series of squeaking sounds, like the Tin Man trying to move before being properly oiled up.

For all that is good for, finding video of Desmond Mason shooting free throws isn’t one of those things.

Anyone got a link to video of this? No real reason, just think we should save this for posterity’s sake.