Devin Booker Willing to Ink Extension With Suns

by April 04, 2018

If “everything works out” in Phoenix this summer, Devin Booker will be more than happy to sign his name on a five-year, $156 million contract extension.

Booker, 21, sounded a lot more enthused about committing to the Suns long-term back in October, before embarking on a 20-59 campaign (the NBA’s worst record.)

The front-office will ask for Booker’s input in their search for a head coach during the offseason, though he’s a lot more concerned with the roster makeup going forward.

Per the AZ Republic (via PBT):

“I’ve had three coaches since I’ve been here and I’ve never blamed anything on one of the coaches as an individual,” Booker said. “I’ve had great relationships with all the coaches. I think the NBA just overall, when you need somebody to blame the first person that you go to is the coach. But at the end of the day you need the right players that match each other. Not just the best players. Chemistry helps.

“I just don’t think a lot of responsibility is with the coaches. It’s a players’ league.”

Booker said in October that he would be willing to sign the five-year, $156 million contract extension the Suns can offer him this summer. Asked if anything – or everything – that has happened this season has changed his mind, he chuckled and said: “I mean, that’s a whole other discussion. A lot goes into that. When that time comes I’ll have to make a decision.”

But then he added, “I’ve always said this is the place I want to be so if everything works out, yeah.”