Diaw’s Not Exactly Sad to Leave Phoenix; Nash, Though, Is a Sad Panda

by December 11, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Except for the most in-denial of Suns fans, it’s become generally accepted by the majority of the hoops watching universe that the glory days of the Phoenix Suns have come and gone.

They’re no longer the League’s funnest team to watch, and as management painstakingly guts the squad, one can’t help but feel a tinge of sadness. Well, almost everyone.

Boris Diaw, the floor is yours:

“It definitely wasn’t as fun…It wasn’t as exciting for the fans. It’s not as fun for everybody (on the team). I’ll always remember Phoenix with Mike (D’Antoni). We went from a winning team that was the most exciting team in the league to a half-winning team that wasn’t exciting at all.”

“Let’s get outta here; this place is dead anyway,” Diaw did not necessarily add.

Also, if Boris wasn’t having fun in Phoenix, just wait until he realizes that his new coach is Larry Brown. Yeah, that’ll end well.

One person who was sad to see Diaw and Bell get traded, however, is the enduring symbol of those D’Antoni-Era suns, Steve Nash.

“It’s tough,” Nash said after a big exhale. “While I’ll welcome my new teammates with open arms, it’s tough when you lose your best friend. It’s tough when you lose two of your best buddies. It’s tough and it hurts. It’s tough.”

Chin up, Steve. Free agency is only a mere two years away!