Did Mushnick Really Write That?

by Marcel Mutoni

I addressed this earlier over at Fanhouse, but I think it’s worth going over again here. If you read the New York Post with any regularity, you’re surely aware of their penchant for stirring up controversy and trying to grab the reader’s attention by any means necessary. Case in point: The 3 Bimbos of The Apocalypse. Well, they’ve gone ahead and done it again.

In a column where he spent a bit of time hating on soon-to-be traded Allen Iverson, sports writer Phil Mushnick added an eye-popping passage that I just can’t get over:

One more thing: I’m tired of people with one-way vision and selective memories telling us that a racist sports world persists, based on the latest head count of black head coaches. Maurice Cheeks, African-American, daily was undermined by the misdeeds – often criminal – of black players when he tried to coach the Trail Blazers. Now, Iverson has done it to him in Philly.

Cheeks, by now, might’ve been among the most revered coaches in the history of the NBA. The people who thus far have prevented any chance of that happening, while placing his coaching career in peril, aren’t white.


Is Mushnick serious? Am I overreacting here, or did that not only come off as completely nonsensical, but also shockingly ignorant and racist?

You guys can decide for yourselves in the comments.