Did Olympiakos Order a Death Threat?

Gary Ebert, one of Chris Morris’s agents, says he received a death threat from someone associated with the Greek club. Wild story: “At the heart of this strange European tour are outstanding U.S. court judgments demanding that Olympiakos pay $1.1 million to American player Chris Morris, who played for the club in 1999, and $410,000 to his American agent Tom McLaughlin…’I got a phone call from a Greek cell phone number,’ says Ebert. ‘The guy was going off on me to leave Angelopolous alone. I told him I’m going to get the money [owed to Morris]. The guy said, ‘Leave him alone, do this through the court.’ I said I have the right to call him. He said, ‘Look, (expletive), leave Angelopoulos alone or I’ll kill you.”‘