Did Shaq Run Stan Van Gundy Out of Town?

by April 01, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

When Shaquille O’Neal burned a couple of ex-teammates last week while discussing his last days in Miami, he seems to have offended not just everyone in the Miami Heat organization, but now it appears that the people whose job it is to cover the team are no longer big fans of the Diesel.

Since he made his scathing comments, columnists and radio personalities have taken turns ripping into the big fella, and now some people are airing all of the dirty laundry they can get their hands on. The latest is that Shaq – not Pat Riley, as previously assumed by just about everyone – was responsible for Stan Van Gundy’s infamous exit from Miami during the team’s lone title season.

“Shaq often disrespected Stan,” the reporter disclosed. “Sometimes it was done playfully. More likely it was meant contemptuously.”

According to the reporter, Shaq would refer to Van Gundy as (porn star) Ron Jeremy, whom he strongly resembles, at least from the neck up.

The Ron Jeremy joke has been beaten into the ground so much that you’d think that Stan would be immune to it by now, but I digress.

The folks in Miami can say what they want, and they’re more or less justified, but at the end of the day, Shaq stays winning. His new team is kicking butt, he’s going back to the Playoffs, and the Heat are … well, they’re the Heat.