Did Skip Shank Someone?

by August 28, 2007

by Marcel Mutoni

Former playground legend Rafer “Skip to my Lou” Alston is taking great advantage of his shot at The Show. And by that, I mean he’s totally screwing it up: Skip was arrested yesterday on charges that he stabbed someone at a club in NYC. It’s the second time in three weeks that he’s been in trouble with the law. From the NY Post (via: FanHouse):

The trouble began when a member of Alston’s entourage got into an argument with a 41-year-old man. The fight escalated into a brawl, and at one point Alston slashed the man, sources said.

He was arrested Aug. 5 for allegedly shaking a parking attendant and spitting in his face during a drunken rage after his car was towed.


Get it together, Rafer. Innocent or not, getting booked for shanking dudes is definitely not a good look.