Dime Drop: Green Day

Originally published in SLAM 147

by Tzvi Twersky | @ttwersky

A talented singer with a stunning figure, Aubrey O’Day is best known for starring in—and then being kicked out of—Danity Kane on Making The Band, MTV’s Diddy-hosted now-defunct reality show. A few years removed from that, the 26-year-old hopes to soon be known for her own reality show—All About Aubrey, which debuts March 7 on Oxygen—and for her die-hard support of the Boston Celtics.

SLAM: How’d you get into hoops?
AO: I got really into it, like kind of obsessed, about five to six years ago. I was always aware of the rivalry that existed between Boston and L.A., but I never really cared to root for the home team and I always found myself gravitating toward Boston. And a good friend of mine is a huge Boston fan, and I ended up becoming obsessed with Boston.

SLAM: Did you ever play basketball?
AO: I never played for a team. I played in high school for fun, but I was always a cheerleader or dance team. I was one of the people that should be sleeping with the basketball players, not playing [laughs].

SLAM: So what’s it like being a Celtics fan in L.A.? You take heat for that?
AO: Oh my God! I can’t even tell you! I get death threats on Twitter!

SLAM: For real?
AO: Literally, it was the worst experience. I was coming home from Boston, and I twittered, and people were like, “I hope you die on your flight home to L.A.”

SLAM: So why is basketball your sport?
AO: Well, I didn’t grow up being a sports girl. I cared way more about looking at the hot guys playing than actually getting into the game. I wasn’t passionate about the actual teamwork behind it and what it took to be a good player or team. But over the past five or six years, all of that’s really changed, especially being in Danity Kane and understanding how strong team unity can be and how difficult it is. I have so much more respect for a team that plays like a team, because it is so much harder.

SLAM: So who was the Kobe Bryant of Danity Kane?
AO: Does it have to be Kobe? Can it be Paul Pierce? [Laughs.]

SLAM: Yeah, who was Paul Pierce?
AO: Me! Hello! I’m the one who has my own show! I’m the team captain, dude. I mean if I could be anyone, I’d be Big Baby—or Big Shamrock (Shaq). But I will say, if I had to be compared, I’d be Paul Pierce.

SLAM: What do you think about Rajon Rondo?
AO: I love him! I Just saw his cover that you guys did on SLAM issue 145. He’s so adorable. He’s leading the League in assists. He’s dope. Rondo’s been a great player for the Celtics. Shaq, Big Baby, Rondo—I’m good friends with Nate. I love all of their team.

SLAM: Do you think they’re going to win the championship this year?
AO: I think as a Celtics fan, I always have to say yes.

SLAM: It has to be pretty cool to have an interview about basketball for once and not about music or fashion, right?
AO: Yeah, I love it. My best friend said, “Tell SLAM Bill Simmons said that you’re a legitimate Celtics fan. He even wrote about you!”