Dion Waiters: ‘It’s Not the End of My Story’

Dion Waiters says he is “in a great place,” this despite being in the midst of a ten-game suspension from the Miami Heat.

“It’s not the end of my story,” vowed Waiters following a visit with his college coach, Jim Boeheim.

The 27-year-old adds that he “still got those same goals, that same ambition.”

Per Syracuse.com:

He described his current mental state as “great.” He has surrounded himself with family, with friends, with his children. Their presence, he said, “keeps me sane” as he figures out how to deal with what awaits him.

“I’m not going to lie to you, I’m in a great place,” he said. “I can only control what I can control at the end of the day, so some things you just can’t allow to take your head the other way, some things happen for a reason. If you stay locked in, if you believe and trust in yourself, trust in the work you put in, you know, it’s a minor setback. It happens. It’s life. You learn from it. The only thing I can do is move forward. Stay focused. Stay even-keeled. Let everything else take care of itself.”

He is coming off a serious ankle injury and believes, he said, that he is ready and able to help his team win.

“I’m a competitor. Any time you work hard and you envision something a certain way and it’s not going as you planned and you see it, you know, you go back to the drawing board and you figure it out. That’s what it’s about – figuring it out,” he said. “So continue to work, always stay confident. Just having the right people in your corner make things a lot easier. (It’s) being a competitor and wanting to play and me being healthy. Because you set goals. It’s taking a little longer but I still got those same goals, that same ambition. It’s not the end of my story.”

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