Dirk, Dwight Howard and Bill Clinton

by Lang Whitaker

“Maybe…Uh, I think so.” — Dwight Howard, asked if he’d ever heard of Joe Namath.

• Dirk Nowitzki will be a Maverick For Life. Probably. Unless, you know, Cuban trades him or something.

• We’ll give the Nets this: They’re being proactive. They’ll be hanging two huge billboards in Times Square, basically as a reminder that the Knicks aren’t very good. At least the Nets players beat the front office in their softball game at Yankee Stadium, as Vince Carter singled home Jason Kidd for the win.

• Larry Brown has hired Bill Clinton’s former lawyers to represent him in the hearing against the Knicks. Think that scares David Stern? He craps bigger than those lawyers.

• Looks like Whit Eboy isn’t going to be ready for the start of the season.

• Not good: Amare worrying about his knee and running to get an MRI. Good: The MRI saying everything is fine. Also details here of a Nike photo shoot in Cali last week. Anyone remember the old Air Force 1 ads?

• Dwight Howard is predicting an NBA Championship for the Magic. This season. Really. His head must still be scrambled from this.

• The Sonics are not only repairing relations with Danny Fortson (yes!), but they’re also bringing 20 players into training camp, including Mike Wilks, Kareem Rush, Denham Brown, Milt Palacios and…Ron Mercer! Remember when he was going to save the Bulls a few years back

• The Stro Show couldn’t figure out why the Grizz wanted him back.

• The Sixers are getting ready to go to one of the greatest cities in the world, Barcelona. There’s also a prickly Mo Cheeks interview at the end of that story. By the way, all our overseas readers, be sure you send in any game reports if you catch any of the overseas NBA games next month.