Doc Rivers responds

by Lang Whitaker

Yesterday I posted The Greatest Internet Video of All Time, which features the 1986 Hawks getting their groove on. One of the more vibrant participants in the video is Doc Rivers, then the Hawks point guard. Doc and John Battle engage in some sort of hand jive choreography and then Doc slips on some shades and mimics either Stevie Wonder or Ray Charles, or perhaps it’s a brilliant imitation of both of them mixed into one.

Anyway, after the video started burning up the internet yesterday, Doc sent me this email earlier today…

FROM: Doc Rivers
SUBJECT: Forever Uncool
Just when I had my kids convinced that their Dad was cool, they discover that video. They loved it. They’re showing all their friends. They have also informed me not to bring up the words hip or cool ever again.

Hey you Rivers kids, for nothing if because your Dad emailed me to respond to the video, Doc will always is mad cool. Give him a break and go mow the lawn or do some chores! (And maybe put on some sunglasses and wave your head back and forth.)