Doc Rivers Volunteers at L.A. Food Bank (PHOTOS)

by November 19, 2014

Last week, Clippers head coach Doc Rivers stopped by the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank to pack thousands of healthy food items for those in need.

Rivers, joined by volunteers and TV personality Mark Long, packed kits filled with fruits, vegetables and Pocket Protein for the Food Bank’s nutrition programs.

“One of our problems is obesity through hunger,” Rivers said. “When people are hungry, they eat bad food. With this, you can give them good food like the Pocket Protein, the potatoes, and they eat better. It helps everybody, so this is really important.”

Pocket Protein, co-founded by Long, recently launched Pocket Protein KIDZ—a seven-gram beverage containing healthy protein that’s fat-free, gluten-free, lactose-free and nut-free. Pocket Protein also has no added sugar and doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

For 41 years, the Food Bank has distributed 50 million pounds of food (20 percent produce) annually to hundreds of thousands of people that go hungry for days.

“Our vision is to ensure that no one goes hungry in Los Angeles County,” L.A. Food Banks’ Eli Lipmen said. “We do this in and out every single day.”

Pocket Protein also launched a crowd-funding campaign to help get the power of their latest drink on shelves across the country and in the hands of L.A.’s children.

Similar to TOMS’ “One for One” mantra, the L.A. Food Bank will receive one pouch of Pocket Protein KIDZ for every unit that is purchased through the campaign. The initiative hopes to raise $100,000 by uniting people who can’t wait any longer to eradicate childhood hunger and make healthier options more accessible to everyone, everywhere.

“It means the world; I just think that’s the only way communities work,” Rivers said. “The citizens in the community have to get involved and make it a better place to live.”

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Photos courtesy of Jesus Figueroa


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