Documentary Sheds Light on Bias’ Death

by April 02, 2009

Portrayed for 23-years as an ignorant martyr of the anti-drug movement, Len Bias will be portrayed in a new light in a documentary, to be released June 19. The film features interviews with his teammates, friends and family as well as witnesses to Bias’ overdose. Perhaps the docu’s most important revelation is that Bias dabbled in cocaine use several times before his death. Bias’ popularity, combined with the misconception that it was first-time use, spurred law markers to take harsh and hasty action. The result was a bevy of uninformed athletic policies and national legislation that merged into a growing War on Drugs. Yes, Bias’ cautionary tale scared some people away from using drugs, but it also spurred undue incarceration and misery to many others. (via Deadspin)