Don Nelson Wants to Change Playoff Eligibility Rules

by April 11, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

For a do-or-die game, the Warriors were in a pretty good position last night: They had the homecourt advantage with their delirious fans clad in a sea of yellow; a Denver team that has failed to rise to the occasion time and again this season was on the floor with them; and they even started out the game on fire.

They ended up losing to Denver of course, and despite having won a boatload of games this season, they are likely to miss the postseason.

Don Nelson thinks this is unfair, and would like to see the rules for postseason participation tweaked a little.

“I hope the league makes some adjustments, at least talks about the issues,” Nelson said. “Combine everybody and just take the top 16 teams would be probably the most fair thing.

“I think with our own (charter) airlines, (cross-country) trips aren’t like they used to be. So what’s the difference if you have to play the East a little more? Play everybody as (equally) as you can and take the top 16 and let’s go. That’s what I’d do.”

Great idea, Donnie! While we’re at it, let’s set up an NIT-type tourney so the dregs of the League don’t feel left out. This way, everyone gets to participate in some kind of postseason play. Yes, even Isiah and the Knicks.