Donnie Walsh Wakes Up, Realizes He Needs to Deal With This Whole Marbury Thing

by November 03, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Three games into the fiasco, and Team Prez Donnie Walsh thinks it might finally be time for him to address the ugly cloud that’s hanging over the franchise he’s been asked to help rescue. After watching his team drop their second game of the season, Donnie says he’s ready to roll up his sleeves and clean up this mess.

From Newsday:

Walsh has no interest in trading Marbury’s expiring contract for a long-term deal (see: the Patrick Ewing trade), which would compromise their plans to get under the salary cap by 2010. “There aren’t a lot of options out there,” Walsh said.

When asked if he could envision Marbury being inactive for the entire 82-game season, Walsh replied, “No, and that’s why I’m saying I’ve got to get involved in this.”

Gee, you think so, doctor? It’s good to see that you’re paying attention to what’s going with your team, Mr. Walsh.

The good news for D’Antoni last night, is that despite the loss to Milwaukee, the “We Want Steph” chants were noticeably more docile this time around. Meaning there was no need to call anyone an marshmallow assh*le.