Donovan Mitchell Would Rather Beat Than Play With LeBron James

by June 19, 2018

Jazz rookie Donovan Mitchell says that if he had a choice, he’d rather play against than team up with LeBron James.

But if James improbably wants to relocate to Utah this summer, Mitchell would welcome him with open arms.

The 21-year-old is on a promotional tour in the Philippines with adidas.

Per Rappler:

Donovan, though, had a way simpler response on whether he also wants to bring LeBron James on board with the Jazz.

“Would I want to [play with him]? Who wouldn’t?” he said.

But he also made it clear that the challenge of facing against the 4-time MVP feels better than playing with him.

“If I had a choice on playing [with] him or beating him, I’d rather beat him,” said the reigning NBA Slam Dunk champion. “But if he wants to play with the Jazz, then we’ll take him of course.”

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