Doug Christie Would Like a Job, Please

by October 17, 2007

by Marcel Mutoni

As you’ve surely noticed, practically everyone has a blog these days. Hell, your grandmother is probably updating her loyal legion of readers on the zany hijinks taking place at her old folks’ home right this very minute. Athletes are no exception, with the NBA leading the digital revolution (Arenas, Rondo, Big Baby, The Baron, Oden, etc.).

I read pretty much all of them, but always find myself looking forward to Doug Christie’s posts the most. And it’s not just because you get the feeling that his wife edits his copy (to make sure that he doesn’t sneak in a mention of another woman, one can only assume) before Doug can press “Publish”.

Today’s entry is particularly compelling; in short, Doug Christie has come to the crushing realization that NBA teams aren’t exactly jumping at the chance to sign him, and he sounds like a man desperately trying to convince the world (and himself) that he can still play at the game’s highest level:

A player should be judged not by his age, but by his ability to play. I know for a fact that I’m in 100% tip-top shape, but for some, my age is a factor that prevents them from hiring me based on my skills.


I have the body of a 24 year old. I have the basketball knowledge of a 14-year veteran and bring the passion and tenacity that teams need.

So, this is what it’s come down to. A thirty-seven year old man, once considered one of the League’s premiere defenders, baring his soul to the world and essentially begging for employment. It’s kind of sad, really.

You realize what this means, right? Isiah Thomas is evidently not a blog reader.