Draft begins

by June 19, 2007

By Sam Rubenstein

No rest. A season ends, a season beings. Welcome to draft season. Ben Collins has been our college expert over the past year, and since college basketball actually has something to do with the NBA draft for a change, he’s all over it. He even promised a mock draft in his latest post. It’s in the comment section, and as we all know, comments on the internet are legally binding.

This year’s build-up is already more fun than last year’s. Andrea Bargnani had a really nice rookie year, but he wasn’t a franchise alterer like… hmm, it’s kind of funny to point this out now but if you look at the list of first overall picks who were no brainer #1s that have changed what the team that drafted them is forever, the last two to do so are LeBron and Tim Duncan. They just played each other in the Finals!

Then again, there are so many rumors out there about the Blazers taking their time to make a decision, and how they are weighing their options, the whole Sam Bowie history thing, and so on. The last loaded draft was the LeBron draft, and the Cavs announced they were taking LeBron before the lottery ball dropped. This year, it’s not as clear, and that’s just the top two. The rumor mill is spinning out of control as always. It’s the time of year when basketball becomes the male equivalent of celebrity gossip. Moreso than usual.

This would be one of those set-up posts where I tell you that more in-depth posts are coming. There are no NBA games being played. Unless kb24.com magically updates itself again, you’ll have to read about things like a person whom I shall not name expressing interest in the Sacramento Kings job. Yeah, let’s stick with draftology.
Alright, time to dive into 200 different mock draft scenarios.