Draft Diary: Kevin Love

    Kevin Love has great hands for a power forward. This is mostly why the Pac-10 Player of the Year is a to-be top-10 pick in Thursday’s draft. So we here at SLAMonline are doing our best to try to ruin those hands a couple of days before the draft. Or at least give him carpal tunnel.
Love, a former SLAM diarist, will be pounding at the keyboard throughout his draft experience — before, during and after — and we’ll be posting it on SLAMonline.com.
Here’s to hoping he calls his computer the Love Machine. — SLAM

     by Kevin Love

I traveled from LA with my brother and dad. Got in (to New York) yesterday. I really didn’t have to do too much other than have a little meeting with my agent. This morning I had to wake up early, put a suit on and went over to the Stock Exchange to ring the bell over there.

I’ve run into some guys from the AAU circuit or from Elite 24 also from over the course of the season this year. I ran into Anthony Randolph, DeAndre Jordan, Kosta Koufos, the Alexis Ajinca from France — all the top big men really. I didn’t really work out with too many guards. I was really with all the top big men, except for Brook Lopez who opted to work out alone. I’ve actually worked out for teams Q through A. Every time you get a chance to nap or get off your feet you have to take advantage of it. I’ve worked out for Seattle, Minnesota, Miami, Memphis, New York, LA and Milwaukee. I got a pretty good indication from Milwaukee or Charlotte that if I got there they would highly consider taking me. So I figure work out for the teams below that, and after that, I just sit back and whatever happens happens.

I’ve seen Gunnin’ for that #1 Spot, only once though. I don’t think I could take it anymore after the first time because, as you can imagine, you see yourself on tape all the time with your college coaches. And you know your story and you know everyone else’s stories because you develop a relationship with those players over the years. But I guess it’s pretty appealing to everyone else because you see all the different players coming from different backgrounds going towards the same goal. We’re going to a viewing of (Gunning) tomorrow night.

Most people will talk about (the money), but seeing the people that come around you and ask you for stuff, it’s crazy. You think that it won’t happen to you but it does. People will come out of nowhere and ask you for stuff, it’s amazing.”